Field Gun Display

The last Royal Navy field gun run at Earls Court in 1999 saw the end of an era ….. or so some thought.

The Field Gun display in its present form was started in 1907, inspired by the exploits of the Navy during the Boer War in 1899 and from 2001 the Field Gun crews and staff have been committed to continue to train for and display these competitive Field Gun runs.

In 2001 The Field Gun Team were invited by the South African Army to develop a field gun race to involve the South African Army and the Portsmouth Field Gun team when they visit South Africa. Several challenges have taken place since, with the next Field Gun race programmed for 2017. Called the South Africa Challenge Run, we now race a senior flat run crew with ex-Royal Tournament 12-pounder guns and limbers against recently trained Cadet Maritime gun crews trained by the Portsmouth staff.

Commitment, teamwork and discipline are our ground rules, and our competitive displays have been well received at many country shows.