The International Cossacks

The International Dzhigitovka Show – The Way of the Cossack Warrior.

Collaborating with the best of the world’s Cossack Trick Riders, National Squad Dzhigitovka Competitors and World Championship Performers, this collaboration has reached around the globe to produce an unparalleled performance of horsemanship and daring skill.

It only took a conversation at The World Dzhigitovka Championship 2016 in Moscow to create The International Dzhigitovka Show – the best competitive athletes and teams from all competing nations delivering outstanding performances.

Working directly with the Russian Cossacks, this show is a spectacular, military precision, fast action packed Trick Riding and Weapons show performing authentic, traditional Cossack Dzhigit skills, different to any other show in the UK today.

With now The World Dzhigitovka Champion – Sergey Murugov – performing with other top professional riders coming from around the world to ride here in the UK alongside the British team, Dzhigitovka! provides breathtaking, family entertainment that is simply unforgettable.

For the first time in history British, Russian and International Cossack riders will ride together here in the UK in a truly splendid performance.

This show brings you:

• Synchronised Military Weapons drills and skills – cutting and slicing with razor sharp Cossack Shashka swords
• Cossack Trick Riding with brand new stunts unseen in the UK direct from Russia
• Roman Riding on not just 2 horses but 4
• Blind folded tricks, yes the team then do all this with a blindfold on -The only British team to perform such daring feats!
• Trick riding ups a gear as the team jump over a jump in a trick
• Horses and riders jumping over people!
• Jumping the mini pyramid.
• The only British team performing a full size pyramid for our grand finale of the ‘Human Pyramid on horseback’ …and more.