Mounted Games

The Mounted Games Association of Great Britain hold the most exciting and exhilarating display competitions. The displays involve riders riding in teams completing short relay style races against each other demonstrating Speed, Accuracy and Horsemanship. Races are a mix of turns, intricate hand overs, equipment collections and placements, vaulting on and off the horses – and of course – all at a gallop!

The displays are extremely professional, and provide the top class and experienced display riders to create a thrilling atmosphere around the ring. Throughout the displays Mounted Games complete a series of crowd pleasing races, accompanied by our excellent commentator and music in the background.

Races are approximately 3 minutes each – which means Mounted Games can fill arena slots from 30 minutes upwards (Ideally 45mins) – and enables them to easily adjust the time they are in the ring if required to.

Mounted Games provide different races for each of the two daily display.

Mounted Games provide all their own equipment, arena staff, commentator etc. with a 2 minute ring set up time – during which they parade and introduce the teams. This means the arena is never ‘still’ and does not allow the spectators to loose interested between the different arena acts.