Stampede Stunt Company

We would like to introduce to you a new, exciting and different equine display for 2017/ 2018 main arenas.

The Stampede Stunt Company have years of experience working in main arenas all across the UK and they are pleased to present their new equine show “Dzhigitovka!” (Jiggit – Toff – Ka) The Dzhigits are the famous mounted warriors of the Cossacks, and The Stampede Stunt Company are the first British trick riding team in history to have travelled to Russia to compete  alongside Russian and Ukrainian Cossacks and other nations in the first World Championships in July 2016.

They are also incredibly proud to be the only British team affiliated to the International Equestrian Dzgihitovka Federation – IEDF in Moscow by keeping standards in training, working and performing with true Cossack techniques and traditions.

Upon their return from Russia the team honed new skills not seen in the UK and are honoured to be able to perform them here for a UK audience. Their experiences with the Russian and Ukrainian Dzhigits have been encapsulated in the outstanding new show “Dzhigitovka!”. This fast paced show includes Cossack weapons skills with real blades, Horseback Archery, Cossack trick riding, Roman riding and horses jumping fire whilst their riders are performing a trick and more.

Stampede Stunt Company are delighted that they are able to invite ‘real’ Russian Dzhigits to perform with them in their 2017 shows, providing an unparalleled authentic ​UK Cossack show.

This exciting, genuine, authentic and humorous skill show is unique by working on all sides of the arena, – as the Dzhigits do, –  so all your audience get a close view as the riders fly by – not only able to fill a small arena but large arenas too.

This 30 minute show is colourful, fun, fast paced with exceptionally trained Spanish horses, choreographed music and brand new unseen stunts this show is set to amaze audiences young and old and ‘horsey’ and ‘non horsey’.