Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own & The Strolling Gardeners

Fresh from extensive rehearsals in their potting shed, these comedy gardeners bring you skilful, wholesome fun, from field to plate…

The Grow Your Own Show

Sit amongst the dazzling flowers on the perfect grassy lawn (provided!) and enjoy….Magic…disappearing slugs, Juggling…with a sickle, an axe and a razor sharp…lemon! Escapology…a thrilling recreation of Peter Rabbits daring escape from Mr. McGregor’s sack.

More spectacular than “gardener’s question time”!! Better horticultural advice than the “Chinese state circus”!!

Strolling Gardeners

Twin brothers Bob and Tom both love their fruit and veg, but how did one brother grow so tall?!

The answer lies in the special potting compost formula … if you are lucky they might share it with you.

On their travels the boys help:

• The bald to sprout hair!

• Children to bloom in giant flower pots!

• And everyone else to a fun-filled 5-a-day!

Perfect for parks, gardens, food festivals and green events.