A full day’s entertainment includes 5 spots all of which are 30 minutes long. This can be made up of 3 set shows such as Punch and Judy or circus workshop and 2 mix and mingle; 5 mix and mingle spots or 2 one and a half hour circus workshops. For arts and craft workshops, Snapshot would do 2 one and a half hour workshops with  a bit extra for materials.

Snapshot’s Famous Punch and Judy Show

Snapshot’s Famous Punch and Judy Show is a lively and participatory blending of all the best bits of the traditional story with their own novel twist. It is presented with consideration and care for a modern audience. The show lasts 30 minutes including introduction and a final personal appearance by Mr. Punch. Whilst usually presented in bright tailcoats, it can be offered in Victorian costume.

Mix and Mingle
Snapshot have a wide range of skills to produce an animated and fun atmosphere reacting with individuals or small groups. They offer a variety of mobile entertainment that can change throughout the day. This can include clowning, unicycling, circus skills, pocket magic and music in character costumes such as Ringmasters, (our usual attire,) as well as Jesters, Clowns and Victorian. Snapshot can also provide set shows with an emphasis on laughs.

The Travelling Fun Band
The Travelling Fun Band use guitar, clarinet, harmonica and vocals for an upbeat mix and mingle spot accompanied by members of the audience on percussion and other offbeat instruments (provided).

Circus Skills                                                                                                                             Snapshot have equipment for up to 30 people and can book extra gear and/or staff (e.g. low wire) when necessary. They offer diabolo; stunt stick; juggling – balls, clubs, rings, scarves and cigar boxes; plate-spinning; skilts and ribbon sticks as well as things like hula-hoops and skipping ropes. Participants’ skills can also be put to use in a show created for a grand finale.

Arts and crafts                                                                                                                            All art and craft materials are provided to create a space for children (of all ages) to explore their creativity. Workshops can be ‘open’ or themed with guidance provided.  More focused activities such as origami, puppet-making, junk musical instrument or other workshops can be included on request.

Snapshot are two seasoned m/f actors, musicians and entertainers with a wealth of experience including a summer season at Blackpool Tower.