Kangaroo Kid

Matt Coulter, the Kangaroo Kid, is a world class stuntman from Gold Coast, Australia. His stunts are performed on Quad Bikes on which he has created many “Guinness Book of Records” records throughout the years – amongst them jumping 14 4 x 4 Jeeps and 4 moving 4 x 4 Jeeps.

After a four year break from his famous stunt show that made him famous all over the world, The Kangaroo Kid made his comeback to the UK show circuit in 2013. The demand for the Kangaroo Kids stunt show was as big as ever – bringing record crowds to shows all over the UK

From 2015 Matt has been offering one of his biggest fans the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of his shows and the coming 2016 season looks set to be another big Kanga adventure for 29 Year old Paul Hannam.

At 15 Paul started working at Keypitts Off Road Centre and spent the next 6 years as a quad instructor. Paul started racing quads at the age of 21, coming 4th three years in a row at the infamous Western Beach Race. In 2011 Paul became South West Enduro Champion and came 3rd in the British Quad Championships.

The show includes stunts using specially fitted quad-bikes (one even fitted with a roll cage) and they finish the show with a spectacular jump over anything that is put in their path, be it cars, trucks or tractors (Matt has even jumped a flying aeroplane).

The Kangaroo Kids showmanship captures the crowd and keeps them captivated for the duration of their performance.

Using a microphone in his helmet that is linked to the shows main PA system, the Kangaroo Kid keeps the crowd informed with a witty commentary, while displaying incredible skill and agility manoeuvring his selection of quad bikes around the arena.