Paul Swift – Britalian Job

The Britalian Job

A trio of red, white and blue Mini Coopers recreate the famous chase scene from The Italian Job by stealing Gold Bullion from a Security van and making off with a tightly choreographed routine set to music from the iconic film

Mr Bridger gives the go-ahead and our very own Charlie Croaker leads the team of red, white and blue original mini coopers in pursuit of the gold bullion van. Comic capers and exciting stunt sequences ensue until the van is cornered. Pyrotechnic special effects can be added to thrill the audience as the doors are blown off and the heist gets underway. Charlie and the getaway drivers then make off with the gold bullion leaving the hapless security guards to pick up the pieces and drive off in a cloud of smoke. Great music and seamless precision driving continue in a show full of fun, guaranteed to delight the whole family

Paul Swift Precision Driving has created a series of tightly choreographed driving routines set to the films classic anthems in a tribute to the “The Italian Job”. Scripted voice over and banter between the presenter and the drivers will guide the audience through this amusing and interactive show.