Volt Tour

Electric vehicles are the new go to stunt show with No noise and No fumes.

Volt Tour is the world’s first all-vehicle action show using EUC, One Wheel and electric Mounting Board using the power of electric vehicles to push the limits and hit new heights.

Watch UK champion athletes perform flips and tricks off our 7ft ramp onto an airlanding ramp. Be amazed by the speed from the e-vehicles as they race around the main arena space and use custom obstacles to allow audience members to see a 360 degree show of the riders pushing the limits and trying new moves.

The setup allows the Volt Tour to move in and out of the main arena.


What is an EUC? An EUC is a self- balancing high torque performance wheel allowing users to travel up to 40mph. Our rider uses the 7ft ramp to jump gaps of up to 12ft and land safely onto our airbag landing ramp.

One- wheel

Balance on a penny with a large snowboarding looking hoverboard with a large electric wheel in the middle. The rider uses balance to gain speed and tries new skate tricks across rough terrain or show off their skills on our unique ramp challenges. 

E Mounting board 

Take your traditional skateboard, put some offroad tyres on it then add the world’s fastest electric motor and of course then a UK champion to test the limits and try insane flips and tricks in the air off our 7ft ramp.